I'm Eva (short for Geneva) and I'm a natural light, lifestyle family photographer specializing in capturing candid, growing families. I'm a born and raised Minnesotan (complete with accent); and while I occasionally dream of warm winters, beautiful beaches, and Christmas lights in palm trees, I know that I love the Midwest for its greatest commodity: family. Yours and mine. My immediate family consists of my husband, son and a small zoo of dogs and cats (and even a grumpy bunny).

I used to hide behind the camera (as you can see above, I still try to hide a bit) but I learned after the birth of my son how important it is to capture the moments of our families before they grow and change (and it happens so fast!).  What's even harder is persuading myself to get into the picture - after all, we moms are part of the family too, not just the "family photographer"!  I want my children to know how I looked as a young mom and to see how much they were loved.  I hope that is why you will let me help you get out from behind that camera - because you are perfect as you are.

personal photos with my son

As a working mom, I know how life can often just become a blur. The sweet, memorable moments I spend with my son are often blurred out in the stress to get out the door on time or to make sure he gets a solid meal in for the day.  Photographing my everday allows me to stop the blur and see the moments.  I would love to help you capture these moments too. 

our zoo

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