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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the process like?

Session experiences are designed to be straightforward and easy. Once we get in touch and set a date for your session, I'll send you over a short prep guide PDF and schedule your Pre-Session Phone consult.  We'll talk location, wardrobe, family dynamics, and other questions that arise.

Your session will take place either in your home or at a chosen outdoor location and include plenty of time for breaks and snacks.  After your session, I will post a few sneak peaks on Instagram for you (if you don't want to be on social media, just let me know). 

Two to three weeks later, I'll email you over a link to your online gallery.  This is where you can pick out the files you'd like for your digital files package and any add-on products (hand delivered by me!).  Once payment is complete, you can download them from this same gallery. 

When you purchase your digital files, they are yours to keep forever with standard printing rights.  I will continue reminding you to backup your images, however, as your gallery will only be online for a couple months.  Please note, I retain full copyright of all my images. 

What should we wear?

The first thing is always to be comfortable in what you are wearing - if you hate it/feel uncomfortable/are itchy, you are going to look that way.  Shop your closet first!  I love having kids favorite clothing preserved in photographs, so even when the sweater fades, the memory won't.  Normally families choose a dressy-casual style, but you can be as formal as you'd like.  I tell people to mostly think of the family as one outfit instead of one for each person, thus enabling the family to be cohesive without being matchy-matchy.

I’m pretty nervous I can’t be natural in front of the camera, now what?

My goal is always for your photos to be relaxed and not stiffly-posed.  Rest assured that I will be guiding you through activities, family groupings, and games to help you and your family relax, be yourselves, and look your best.  I may suggest activities like hiking around for treasures, snuggling close and nose rubbing, swinging your child or having dad do some kid tossing.  I might ask your child to smell his sister, tickle his dad, or show me how high he can jump.  And when the family dog is totally distracted?  I will probably do some embarrasing jumping up and down, make ridiculous animal noises, and otherwise play the fool.  Trust me, that's worth laughing at.

Have other questions?

I know that often there can be lots of questions when working with a photographer, whether this is your first time or 10th time.  The beauty of families is that each one is different with unique needs and challenges.  So if you have a question - just connect up with me via email, the contact form above, or give me a call.  As long as its not "what do you want for dinner?" I promise to answer!